The Morningstar [EP]

by The Apache Revolver

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Shnake the 13th
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Shnake the 13th As a Bears fan it's tuff to like anything from Wisconsin. That being said, this band kicks fucking ass! Cheers!
Teasy thumbnail
Teasy Crazy Black Metal World Music shit. Favorite track: As Life Passes You On.
Nicholas Trandahl
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Nicholas Trandahl A dreamlike blend of black metal, post rock, shoe gaze, and surf rock! What?! I don't know how it works, but it certainly does. They certainly remind me of Deafheaven. I'm really loving this band. Favorite track: As Life Passes You On.
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The Morningstar EP is the debut release from The Apache Revolver.

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released May 1, 2014

Written/Recorded by Joey Schroeder & Carl Rettke



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The Apache Revolver Wisconsin

The Apache Revolver is a surf rock black metal band out of Wisconsin. The band consists of vocalist/guitarist/bassist Joey Schroeder & pianist/percussionist Carl Rettke. The Apache Revolver's sophomore release The Midwinter [EP] is now available.

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Track Name: How You Have Fallen
"Rise, rise for your grave. Save, save your pleas now. Thou, dost thou love life?"
"The voice, the voice was right. The voice."
"Save yourself."
"Why, why can’t you see how much you mean to me? Light, light shines from your face. But I must close my eyes to you now."
Track Name: Morningstar, Son Of The Dawn
"The blood, that passes through you, was once that of my own. And time thou will raise thine crown. Hate what is evil, and cling, cling to all that is good. Be truly blissful, peace and paradise await. The peace which was once only mine shall rule in all of your heart. Thou hardens thy neck and hearkens not to the word."
"I don’t know if I can be all you see."
"Oh, son of the morning, son of the dawn. You are the shining light in this dark place. I will give you all I have to give ’til that which you rise in all the hearts. Love all, love all, love all that you create."
Track Name: Drink To Your Destruction
In the beginning the Heavens were not void. Darkness breathed from within. Darkness precedes me.
From fear He gave us light, and it was good.
"All that followeth me shall not walk in the shadows," so sayeth the Lord.
"Thou my son, indeed, but the kindness I have done does not destroy the darkness among the righteous."
There was darkness where God was.
The creator, cut down, shouted, “My son...what have you done?"
"You...once good. I will judge. I must judge betwixt us. This drink will be the last to grace your lips. He believeth he will not be damned from this world by my hand. They all might be damned from believeth not in the truth," so sayeth the Lord.
Track Name: As Life Passes You On
"I mourn your wickedness. I shed my final tear. If thou must die, I shall commit with perfect grace," Thou sayeth the Lord.
"Causa sui. Anima mundi."
He sheathed His fiery sword, which he hath not lightly drawn.