The Midwinter [EP]

by The Apache Revolver

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nefolk thumbnail
nefolk Not a fan of the harsh vocals, but everything else about this band is just loveable Favorite track: ...And Beyond Her Sunlight Breaks.
SurferRosa78 thumbnail
SurferRosa78 Don't let the cover art fool you. This is metal appreciation at it's finest! Apache Revolver incorporates almost every genre of metal there is, seamlessly to create gigantic sonic landscapes that are begging to be discovered. Favorite track: To A Darker Place I Rise.
Philip Sasser
Philip Sasser thumbnail
Philip Sasser The Midwinter is a clever and powerful EP. I love the way The Apache Revolver blends music styles that would seem to be contradictory, but they make them work together. It's a strange and sunny take on black metal. Favorite track: ...And Beyond Her Sunlight Breaks.
Juan Sitan
Juan Sitan thumbnail
Juan Sitan This record is not something you will expect from a black metal band, or at least with those influences, the fusion of sounds such as electronic and metal are astunishing Favorite track: To A Darker Place I Rise.
Teasy thumbnail
Teasy These guys are insane in a very entertaining kind of way :-) Favorite track: To A Darker Place I Rise.
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The Midwinter EP is not the debut release from The Apache Revolver.

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released December 20, 2014

Written/Recorded by Joey Schroeder & Carl Rettke



all rights reserved


The Apache Revolver Wisconsin

The Apache Revolver is a surf rock black metal band out of Wisconsin. The band consists of vocalist/guitarist/bassist Joey Schroeder & pianist/percussionist Carl Rettke. The Apache Revolver's sophomore release The Midwinter [EP] is now available.

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Track Name: From Deep Within The Earth
A nondescript man guilty and sentenced to life.
"Scared to the marrow of my bones."

"Nothing worse than this world has to offer."
"My life is eclipsed by the movement of the Earth."

Formless and empty in a desperate search for survival.
"Endemic disquiet about my self-worth has twisted my spine."

"Terror drowns my thoughts, depart from me, you cursed’s not worth the cost."

"But as the cowardly, the faithless, the detestable,
I just wait to let my body shrivel in the darkness and die."
Track Name: To A Darker Place I Rise
With all the shattered grace of a marionette,
Breath heavy with taste that galvanized like metal.

"I am a man who’s begun my dying too early.
Perhaps across’t my mind a wish to restart again."

"With just one last chance
I’d prove I’m more than I was."

"I’ll shake the dust from my bones, and I will stand up straight for the first time.
But I’ll smile, ‘cause I will know, it’s all a dream condemned to die."
Track Name: ...And Beyond Her Sunlight Breaks
"Hectic pace of life. This is an exodus.
While looking for sanity, I found something else. The mind takes such wishful dreams and gives them dimension (of their own)."

"Please, darling won't you be mine tonight?
Please, darling just take my hand, alright?
Please, darling I cried when you said, 'Goodbye.'
Alone I sit as the sun sets at night."

"Stars in the night sky please take me home.
God, please, God take me home. Please take me home, God."
Track Name: Moving Skyward My Body Dies
"Drifting through infinity on an invisible piece of dust is a sliver of what once was my life, flesh and blood.
My body will corrode until civilization joins in extinction."

"A razor line separates what is concrete with that manufactured inside of my mind.
No more of passing of what we used to call time."

"This is the last stop, on a journey into vast nothingness.
My body will corrode until civilization joins in extinction."

The mind is at the start and the body fades into the dust that is always the end.